The evolution of marketplaces

We align technology know-how with traditional marketplace needs. Creating a beneficial digital future for all.


Our vision

The advent of online commerce has led to a seismic shift in how services are traded. Consumers entering the market today know digital as their normality. And as their buying power replaces that of previous generations, effective digital promotion becomes ever-more fundamental to business survival. Online marketplaces are therefore an essential element in the future of trade.

Evolution is the way

Adaptation to change is the cornerstone of survival. A fact that’s as true for businesses and brands as it is for all living species. Only those who evolve in line with customers’ habits and expectations will stay in the game. Which is why Skydreams is continually evolving its online marketplaces to serve consumers and businesses in the way which benefits them most through ever-changing circumstances.

“Skydreams’ online marketplaces mean I can get on with serving customers, instead of wondering how to attract them.”

What we know


Internet service availability, together with ownership of online-connected devices is continuing to increase. With that, the convenience of using the internet to find and select products and services becomes more and more prevalent.


Online socialising continues to provide businesses with new ways to attract and connect with customers. Targeted marketing and personalised brand experiences, achieved through big data analysis of online behaviour, are becoming fundamental sales strategies.


Ongoing innovation continually expands online functionality and improves digital security. Online payment, integrated fulfilment and verified reviews are just a few examples of how the digital marketplace delivers seamless end-to-end experiences, which benefit businesses and customers alike.


A perfect storm of increasingly powerful technology and growing vendor investment in digital sales is creating unstoppable momentum of change to online shopping. Global consumer spending online is predicted to reach 3 trillion US dollars by 2020.

Where we’re going

Skydreams is harnessing the power of online to transform the shape of traditional sales routes across entire industries. By providing branded, industry-specific online marketplaces, we have many opportunities to dramatically improve customer convenience and business efficiency. All over the world. Through strong brands driven by robust ecosystems.

Our unique position

Digital experience

We’ve been building branded online marketplaces since 2002. So we know a thing or two about successfully moving with the times.

Global presence

We’re active across multiple territories. This enables us to capitalise on advantages of scale and leverage innovation to maximum effect.

Portfolio approach

We create multiple brands with a consistent formula. This provides synergies between brands which enhances recognition and trust.

We are our own people

Skydreams is a privately owned company, which gives us the freedom to be ourselves and determine our own direction, never having to compromise on our principle of doing things that really matter.

A+ player team

Our team is carefully selected from highly valued A + players who thrive off each other’s inspiration and energy. Guided by principles, rather than rules, all these wonderful minds take Skydreams to the next level.


For Skydreamers, being happy isn’t a special perk, it’s a basic principle. We ensure this will always be the case by providing what we believe is the workplace of the future, where people can live their dreams.

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