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We recognise multi-territory opportunities and make them locally successful, on an ever-expanding scale. Continually increasing our global momentum for over 15 years.


The history of building tomorrow


1 April 2002

Founded by Luís Verbakel & Mark Feenstra

Started to discover the World Wide Web

2 April 2002

Testing various business models to discover the world of internet

Launched first online marketplace

3 April 2004

Launched first online marketplace. VerhuisOffertes.com enabled people in the Netherlands to change the way they find house moving companies.

Entered the international arena

3 September 2008

Entered the UK with the launch of Getamover.co.uk, expanding the VerhuisOffertes.com model into a new territory.

Achieved recognition

23 June 2010

Featured in Deloitte fast50 & Deloitte fast 500 winners lists. The first of 3 appearances in these lists of fast growing companies.

Acquired MultiOfferte.nl

16 January 2013

Skydreams acquired MultiOfferte.nl to accelerate growth in The Netherlands.

Enlarged the Benelux footprint

28 April 2015

Launched 40 new marketplaces within a super-short timeframe by using our playbook approach, growing our Benelux footprint to over a 100 markets.

Launched our first nationwide umbrella brand

17 September 2015

Homedeal.com, our first nationwide umbrella brand, was created with the mission to become the one-stop-shop for proud homeowners, where they can find peer-reviewed home service professionals to make their perfect home dreams come true.

Global scaling

8 October 2015

Rapid scaling across the globe. Due to this, Moving24 has now become the world’s largest platform for finding local movers. It is available in 17 countries, including the US.

Significant revenue increase

12 November 2015

Another year of profitable growth, with revenue up by 38%.

Expanded the office

1 December 2016

Acquired more working space to accommodate further international growth.

Continued investment

4 May 2017

Skydreams is proud to be a fully bootstrapped, founders-led business, which continous to invest in growth by expanding the team and entering new markets and industries.

Your next challenge?

Fresh inspiration, new ideas and the enthusiasm to realise them is what keeps our momentum flowing. As our portfolio expands, we are on the lookout for A+ player talent to boost our team. From IT revolutionaries to sales geniuses and marketing visionaries. From financial wizards to People & Culture heroes. What can you bring to the table?

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