Skydreams refreshes its branding and way of working

Skydreams refreshes its branding and way of working

Skydreams, a global provider of online marketplaces, today introduced its new-look corporate branding and enhanced website, together with a set of guiding principles to underpin internal practices.

Since being founded in 2002, Skydreams has evolved from small start-up to a global force in online marketplaces, providing hundreds of websites where consumers can find peer-reviewed local services such as moving companies or professional photographers. The updated communication elements reflect how the company has evolved and serve to illustrate its current identity and vision. While the implementation of internal guiding principles, in place of policies, frees employees from restrictive bureaucracy which can hamper the path to innovation.

The new logo symbolises how Skydreams’ marketplaces offer local services to a global audience. With the arrow signifying localness while the circle represents the world. The colour combination has been selected to give the local professionals who will feature in Skydreams’ marketplaces, and who are generally underrepresented online, a warm and welcoming introduction to the company. The new font represents the Skydreams culture where “building your legacy” and “being passionate about the future” are at the heart of the freshly introduced guiding principles.

“In the 15 years up till now, Skydreams has evolved from a start-up into a global provider of online marketplaces. We take traditional universal industries online and, as this business model evolves, so does our brand. We are delighted about this important milestone” – Luís Verbakel, Skydreams co-founder and CEO.

About Skydreams
Skydreams is a global provider of online marketplaces that matches people around the world with locally available peer-reviewed professionals who offer services related to life’s milestone events, such as home moving and home making. With 150 online marketplaces in 17 countries, including the US, Skydreams has established itself as a globally active internet business. The company’s top brand is Moving24, an online marketplace where consumers connect with local moving companies. Skydreams was founded in 2002 and is privately owned. The company is led by its co-founders, Luís Verbakel (MA) & Mark Feenstra (MSc) and is based in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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